Center for the Interdisciplinary Analysis of Images, Contexts, Cultural Heritage


LYNX Research Seminars

No seminars are scheduled at the moment.


27 February 2023: Matthias Theodor Vogt (Saxonian Institute for Cultural Infrastructures), "Strengthening Resilience in Peripheral Areas. Some New Field Research Findings in the Region Tajima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan"

13 May 2022: "Designing a Database for the Catalogue of the National Museums in Lucca"

27 April 2022: Dario Rodighiero (Harvard University), "Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage" (LYNX/AXES/SysMa/NETWORKS seminar)

28 March 2022: Alain Berthoz (Collège de France), "The brain movement perception and space: how humans deal with the variety of action spaces" (LYNX/MoMiLab seminar)

Advanced Seminars - Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage

13 March 2023: Presentation of Kethlen Santini Rodrigues's PhD project (Conference Room, 2pm)

17 April 2023: Advanced Seminar (Classroom 2, 2pm)

15 May 2023: Advanced Seminar (Conference Room, 2pm)

19 June 2023: Presentation of Livia Torchio's PhD project (Classroom 2, 2pm)

17 July 2023:  Presentation of Camilla Marraccini's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

18 September 2023: Presentation of Diana Martello's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

16 October 2023: Presentation of Katharina Korthaus's PhD project  (Classroom 1, 2pm)


13 February 2023: Presentation of Giuseppe Prospero's PhD project (Conference Room, 2pm)

12 December 2022: Advanced Seminar

14 November 2022: Presentation of Germano Gorga's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

17 October 2022: Presentation of Giulia Menegale's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

26 September 2022: Presentation of Ivana Mirković's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

20 June 2022: Presentation of Angela D'Alise's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

20 June 2022: Presentation of Elisa Seelmann's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

6 June 2022: Presentation of Martina Cavalli's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

16 May 2022: Presentation of Livia Fasolo's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

11 April 2022: Presentation of Marco Foravalle's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

21 March 2022: Presentation of Giulia Gilesi's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)

21 February 2022: Presentation of Rami Issa's PhD project (Classroom 1, 2pm)