Center for the Interdisciplinary Analysis of Images, Contexts, Cultural Heritage


Advanced Seminars - Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage

No Advanced Seminar is planned at the moment.


20 Novemebr 2023: Presentation of Livia Torchio's PhD project 

16 October 2023: Presentation of Katharina Korthaus's PhD project 

18 September 2023: Presentation of Diana Martello's PhD project 

17 July 2023:  Presentation of Camilla Marraccini's PhD project 

13 March 2023: Presentation of Kethlen Santini Rodrigues's PhD project 

13 February 2023: Presentation of Giuseppe Prospero's PhD project 

12 December 2022: Advanced Seminar

14 November 2022: Presentation of Germano Gorga's PhD project 

17 October 2022: Presentation of Giulia Menegale's PhD project 

26 September 2022: Presentation of Ivana Mirković's PhD project 

20 June 2022: Presentation of Angela D'Alise's PhD project 

20 June 2022: Presentation of Elisa Seelmann's PhD project 

6 June 2022: Presentation of Martina Cavalli's PhD project 

16 May 2022: Presentation of Livia Fasolo's PhD project 

11 April 2022: Presentation of Marco Foravalle's PhD project 

21 March 2022: Presentation of Giulia Gilesi's PhD project

21 February 2022: Presentation of Rami Issa's PhD project

LYNX Research Seminars

December 2023: Sabina Brevaglieri (Humboldt University, Berlin / IMT Visiting Professor), Tesoro Messicano: Making a paper-monument of Baroque Rome | San Francesco, Classroom 1, 11 am

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4 December 2023: Sabina Brevaglieri (Humboldt University, Berlin / IMT Visiting Professor), Thinking colonial heritage historically. Missionary collecting, 16th century to present | San Francesco, Classroom 2, 10 am

22 November 2023: Mantha Zarmakoupi (University of Pennsylvania), Shaping Roman landscape: ecocritical approaches to architecture and wall painting in early imperial Italy 

21 November 2023: Mantha Zarmakoupi (University of Pennsylvania), An archaeology of disability

7 November 2023 [joint seminar with the Research Unit MUSAM]: Andrea Dal Pino (Sigma Ingegneria SRL), MARMOREAL: application of photogrammetry and Virtual Reality for the digitalization and visualization of assets in the stone market

5 July 2023: Rafael Brundo Uriarte (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz), Navigating a brave new world of "creativity": the promises and perils of AI 

1 June 2023: Silvia Massa (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden), Elania Pieragostini (Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford) and Merel van Erp (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), The challenges of online collections of works on paper. Two projects from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

24 May 2023: Carla Ardis (Museum of London Archaeology), Building a new archaeology: the impact of development-led archaeology on our understanding of the past and on archaeological practice. A view from the United Kingdom 

28 April 2023: Stefano Campana (University of Siena) -  "Taking stock of the Emptyscapes initiative: background, design, outcomes, impact"

27 April 2023: Filippo Demma (Direzione Regionale Musei della Calabria) - "Activities, Projects and Future Scenarios for the Direzione Regionale Musei della Calabria and the Museum and Archaeological Park of Sybaris" 

27 February 2023: Matthias Theodor Vogt (Saxonian Institute for Cultural Infrastructures), "Strengthening Resilience in Peripheral Areas. Some New Field Research Findings in the Region Tajima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan"

13 May 2022: "Designing a Database for the Catalogue of the National Museums in Lucca"

27 April 2022: Dario Rodighiero (Harvard University), "Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage" (LYNX/AXES/SysMa/NETWORKS seminar)

28 March 2022: Alain Berthoz (Collège de France), "The brain movement perception and space: how humans deal with the variety of action spaces" (LYNX/MoMiLab seminar)